Saturday, 2 September 2017

More please.

Just had a three season marathon of Better Call Saul.

I'm late once more to the party.

I like it more than Breaking Bad. *

Is that OK?

I like these promos.

* I fucking loved Breaking Bad.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

So fucking good.

Finally managed to see Mike Leigh's 'Abigail's Party'.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Anyone for Demis Roussos?

Just buy this box set - it also has 'Nuts in May' in it. Which is also fantastic.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Summer Horoscopes.

Prepare yourself for summer. Read your stars.

22nd June - 22nd July
Ensure that you have bought
enough compost for the job.

23rd July - 23rd August
You can't win the pony raffle
if you don't buy a ticket.

24th August - 22nd September
Dance like nobody is watching
and you're on fire.

23rd September - 23rd October
Do you smell something weird?
It is you.

24th October - 22nd November
Get your flans out and
take them to the county fair.

23rd November - 21st December
Give each of your fingers a name.

22nd December - 20th January
Get yourself one of Dr. Amp's
gold shit-digging shovels.

21st January - 18th February
If you wish hard enough it will happen.
If it doesn't it's probably because
you didn't wish hard enough.

19th February - 20th March
Lemsip will help.

21st March - 20th April
Watch some Saved by the Bell
on YouTube.

21st April - 21st May
Rub maple syrup on it.

22nd May - 21st June
There is a ghost in your shed.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Nightwave Plaza.

I have been even more lazy than usual as of late.

One of the best soundtracks to my laziness is Nightwave Plaza.

Give it a listen.

You might like it. I think it makes boring rubbish seem more movie-like.

You might not like it. Whatever.

They have an app now. If that's your thing. With cool backgrounds.

My favourite background so far. Goan Daria.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Victoria Beckam for Target.

It finally arrived. After having to pay £7.00 for next day delivery it came today - 8 days later.

I was sent an email saying it would be late though. Which was nice.

UPDATE: I have been refunded the cost of shipping - thanks VB. 

Here's the only item I ordered:

And here I am wearing it while standing outside a shed:

Somebody call Models 1.

I can only speak for the piece I got. And the quality is shit hot. The fabric has a good weight. The fabric covered buttons are a nice touch. And the sleeves - excuse me for sounding like a wanker - are everything. They're long, but not falling-in-your-jelly long.

I've read some shit reviews but as far as I'm concerned this is way better than I'd expect for a $30 shirt.

Final note: the invoice papers were fastened with a rabbit shaped paper clip. That's classy as fuck.

I'm going to parade around now.