Monday, 17 April 2017

Victoria Beckam for Target.

It finally arrived. After having to pay £7.00 for next day delivery it came today - 8 days later.

I was sent an email saying it would be late though. Which was nice.

UPDATE: I have been refunded the cost of shipping - thanks VB. 

Here's the only item I ordered:

And here I am wearing it while standing outside a shed:

Somebody call Models 1.

I can only speak for the piece I got. And the quality is shit hot. The fabric has a good weight. The fabric covered buttons are a nice touch. And the sleeves - excuse me for sounding like a wanker - are everything. They're long, but not falling-in-your-jelly long.

I've read some shit reviews but as far as I'm concerned this is way better than I'd expect for a $30 shirt.

Final note: the invoice papers were fastened with a rabbit shaped paper clip. That's classy as fuck.

I'm going to parade around now.

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