Monday, 12 March 2018

I have been bad.

I have never worn a baseball cap in my life.

If I used logic I would use all my money to pay the builders and to save for holidays I've committed to but can't really afford.

And yet. Here I am. Happy as a clam.
In possession of a rather expensive (by my standards) chapeau.

I couldn't help it.

Despite having no real connection to the lady* I decided I needed a piece from Anna Dello Russo's archive. I have enjoyed looking at her outfits over the years so I went for it. Thank you Net-a-Porter.

*I did find myself standing next to her outside a Chanel show** in Paris a couple of years ago - does that count?

**I was not invited to the Chanel show. I am a nobody. I was just loitering outside.

This is reminding me that I bought a bad ass snake bracelet from the collection ADR did with H&M a few years ago. I need to dig that thing out.

Slytherin pride.

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