Friday, 16 March 2018

Pleasing podcast.

I've just listened to the first podcast by the Beauty Papers folk.

As soon as I saw the email from Beauty Papers mentioning it I was straight on to BeyondPod (fuck iTunes) to listen. My heart sank a bit. 81 minutes. 81 whole minutes. I couldn't focus on anything for that long. I could've watched a (probably) shite film on Netflix in that time. I could've rewatched nearly four episodes of Friends for the millionth time. But I had to wash the gargantuan pile of dishes (no I don't have a dishwasher - I live in a dump) so I thought I'd listen for a bit.

Well. It was cool as mince. I was hanging on Val Garland's every word. So many iconic looks were described that are still so fresh in my mind, it was great to hear about their creation.

The only thing that could make this better would be links in the podcast description so that I could instantly see these looks again, and people new to her work could see what they're on about. However while looking up Val's work I've discovered even more brilliantly weird stuff she's responsible for. So that's good.

I wish my existence could have afforded me a visit to Val's salon. Go listen. You'll feel exactly the same. Next episode, please.

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